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Want to give a domain name to your website, but do not want to pay for domain hosting? IndianMagic provides free Domain Parking/ Forwarding services which allow you to redirect your domain name to your web site, no matter where it's hosted.

The following features are available with your account:

No advertisements.
Unlike most other redirection services which place an annoying popup or an advertisement frame on your redirect or require a banner or button on your site, IndianMagic has no pop-ups and requires no advertising on your site.
Unlimited email addresses.
IndianMagic provides you the luxury of unlimited email addresses associated with your website. Whether a person sends an email to [email protected] or [email protected], the email would be forwarded to your existing email account.
URL cloaking.
URL cloaking keeps your Domain address in the address bar of your browser when your web site is accessed through its Domain address. People book-marking your site will bookmark your Domain Name, and search engines will index your site using your own Domain Name. Keyword and description meta tags can also be defined for your website. This is Optional.
Path Forwarding
Path Forwarding allows you to have ww.yourname.com/file.htm point to Your-website-address/file.htm. e.g. if www.indian-magic.com points to www.geocities.com/you then www.yourname.com/file.htm will point to www.geocities.com/you/file.htm. Similarly unlimited number of nested directories will also be forwarded. This service is optional.
Free CNAME & MX record entries.
IndianMagic can also make modifications to your MX & CNAME DNS record entries for you Free of Cost.
Instant Modifications.
IndianMagic Control Panel provides an easy to use interface for modifying your site details at anytime. All changes take effect immediately.
Your own personal Control Panel.Control Panel (Click to Enlarge)
With IndianMagic you get your own personal, self explanatory Control Panel. The control panel allows you to change your website details, change your forwarding email address, change your password. You can also toggle between a forwarding account and parked domain using the Control Panel. Click on the image on the right to view the bigger image of the Control Panel.
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